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Under the direction of Dr. Richard Marottoli the Dorothy Adler Geriatric Assessment Center at Yale New Haven Hospital is an outpatient consultative service that provides comprehensive assessment of older persons. The Adler Center uses a team approach to work with persons who have medical, psychological, cognitive, or social problems impeding function or threatening independent living. The staff at the Adler Center includes geriatricians, geriatric psychiatrists, nurse case managers, patient care assistants, physical therapists, and neuropsychologists. The staff works closely with the patient and the family, the patient's & nbspphysicians, and other care providers to develop a comprehensive plan to help optimize function, independence and quality of life. 

The Adler Center helps patients and families by developing linkages with appropriate community services such as home health care agencies, adult day care centers, and volunteer support groups. Moreover, the staff at the Center provides ongoing case management and clinical care as necessary for individual patients, in conjunction with the patient's physician. Finally, the Adler Center serves as an important educational site for interns, residents and fellows in geriatric medicine, as a leading model for other institutions who are developing geriatric programs, and as an important site of patient oriented research in geriatrics.

To inquire about appointments or more information, please call the Adler Clinic at (203) 688-6361.

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