Women's Health Research at Yale

General Information

Improvements in health and health care depend on new scientific findings translated into practical benefits. With generous support from the community, our self-supporting research center generates new findings in women's health and advances gender-specific medicine to improve the well being of all.


Prior to the mid-1990's, women were largely excluded as participants in clinical research studies - resulting in an enormous knowledge gap on the health of women that persists today. Women''s Health Research at Yale, one of the largest interdisciplinary research programs of its kind in the nation, was founded in 1998 to respond to the need for scientific data on women''s health and changing the face of medical research to benefit all the women in our lives.


What we do -

  • initiate new research on women's health and gender differences,
  • translate our findings for the benefit of the community, and
  • train the next generation of researchers.

Women's Health Research at Yale Leadership

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