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We participate in all cardiac diagnostic procedures that involve medical evaluation and care, including metabolic stress testing, left and right heart catheterization and myocardial biopsy.  In addition, we collaborate with radiologists specializing in cardiology to provide non-invasive imaging studies, such as PET, CT, MRI and 2D and 3D electrocardiography.  Our team also evaluates both acute and sub-acute cases in the outpatient cardiac clinic adjacent to Yale New Haven Hospital (YNHH).

Medical Management

We provide care for the rapidly growing number of outpatients living with heart failure in the Greater New Haven area.  Working to optimize the therapeutic effect for each individual patient, we carefully monitor and titrate each persons medications on an ongoing basis, evaluate both cardiac and other disorders that bear on cardiac health, educate patients and their families about lifestyle changes, prescribe and oversee exercise rehabilitation programs and facilitate communication and collaboration among the many and varied professionals commonly involved in outpatient care.

Inpatient Care

Our expanding team of cardiologists and expert staff partner with other programs in the CV section to provide pre and post procedure care.  Among the patients we treat are those undergoing angioplasty and the implantation of both bridge-to-transplant (BTT) and destination-therapy (DT) left ventricle assist devices (LVADs).  We are also involved in the treatment of acute cardiogenic shock with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). As the volume of heart transplants at YNHH grows, so does the number of pre-transplant evaluations we perform and the volume of post-transplant care we provide, including immunosuppressive therapy.

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