NIH T32 Program

General Information

In 2009 we initiated an NIH-funded post-doctoral training program in Anesthesia research. This T32 training program is one of less than a dozen in the country, and signifies Yale's commitment and resources for producing the next generation of academic clinicians.

The post-doctoral training program is fully NIH-supported and runs for 2 years. Each year, we accept 1 or 2 individuals into the program.

Trainees have very broad opportunities in their research interests, and can focus on clinical research or on basic science. Areas of particular strength in this program are in clinical research, neurobiology, vascular biology, immunology/inflammation, as well as biomedical engineering.

Mentors for this training program are drawn from within the Anesthesia Department, and also from a large number of other departments within Yale. The goal of the post-doctoral training program is to provide the absolute best scientific opportunities and mentoring, so that graduates of the program go onto their own successful, independent academic careers, at Yale and elsewhere. 

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