Kavli Institute for Neuroscience

General Information

The goal of the Kavli Institute for Neuroscience at Yale University, endowed by the Kavli Foundation, is to elucidate nervous system development and function. Ultimately, we seek to understand how synaptic circuits form, embody knowledge of the outside world, and combine that knowledge with past experience and future goals to generate behavior.

Kavli Institute for Neuroscience Leadership

Nenad Sestan, MD, PhD headshot

Nenad Sestan, MD, PhD

Steering Committee

Stephen Strittmatter, MD, PhD headshot

Stephen Strittmatter, MD, PhD

Steering Committee

Susumu Tomita, PhD headshot

Susumu Tomita, PhD

Steering Committee

Jessica Cardin, PhD headshot

Jessica Cardin, PhD

Steering Committee

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John Carlson, PhD

Steering Committee

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Arthur Horwich, MD

Steering Committee

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Tamas Horvath, DVM, PhD

Steering Committee

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Patricia Pedersen

Ex-officio member, Steering Committee

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