Perioperative & Adult Anesthesiology

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Yale Perioperative and Adult Anesthesia provides anesthesia for the following surgical specialties: general surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, thoracic surgery, urology, otolaryngology, transplant surgery and vascular surgery. Subspecialized teams, with focused experience and advanced training deliver these specialized services. The clinical group is one of the most experienced of its kind in Connecticut, with multiple team members having achieved national prominence within their areas of concentration.

Special services offered by this section include:

  • Transplantation anesthesia: kidney, pancreas, liver
  • Anesthesia for pheochromocytoma
  • Cerebral protection and monitoring
  • Care of the severely obese
  • Regional nerve block anesthesia
  • Intraoperative echocardiography
  • Management of unusual or difficult airways
  • Pre-operative consultation and evaluation
  • Surgical critical care

Perioperative & Adult Anesthesiology Leadership

Stanley H Rosenbaum, MD headshot

Stanley H Rosenbaum, MD

Director, and Associate Director of the SICU

Robert Gregory Stout, MD headshot

Robert Gregory Stout, MD

Associate Director, and Director of Anesthesia Services

Jan Ehrenwerth, MD headshot

Jan Ehrenwerth, MD

Director, Vascular Anesthesia

Thomas Michael Halaszynski, MD, DMD, MBA headshot

Thomas Michael Halaszynski, MD, DMD, MBA

Director, Regional Anesthesia, Associate Director PAT

Wanda M Popescu, MD headshot

Wanda M Popescu, MD

Director, Thoracic Anesthesia

William Rosenblatt, MD headshot

William Rosenblatt, MD

Director, ENT Anesthesia

Jeffrey J Schwartz, MD headshot

Jeffrey J Schwartz, MD

Director, Vascular Anesthesia

David G Silverman, MD headshot

David G Silverman, MD

Director, PAT Clinical Research

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