Ambulatory Anesthesiology

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Ambulatory care is provided in 10 operating rooms in Yale-New Haven Hospital and several additional operating areas at the Temple Medical Center. Anesthesiologists, along with Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologists (CRNAs) and anesthesiology residents, care for out-patients who are discharged immediately after their surgery. This care, which spares patients the disruption of an overnight hospitalization, is designed to make the surgical experience as convenient as possible for patients while maximizing efficiency for surgeons.

  • Basics of Anesthesia  
    Our practice has a high-volume of routine cases. Residents are exposed to two or three times as many cases as other sections have to offer.  
  • Ambulatory anesthesia  
    We teach residents the skills needed to send a patient home at the end of the day.  
  • Doctor-patient relationship  
    Our emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship has resulted in high patient satisfaction ratings.  
  • OR Management  
    We teach residents how to plan and execute a smooth, pleasant, and efficient day.  
  • Regional Anesthesia  
    We support the regional anesthesia practice by providing a dedicated anesthesia team trained in regional anesthesiology.  

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