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Yale Child Study Center is internationally recognized for its evaluation and treatment of children and adolescents with complex mental health disorders. Child psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, and other providers provide a range of services in both outpatient and inpatient settings, as well as in schools, homes, and the community. Treatment approaches include individual and group psychotherapy and family therapy, cognitive and behavioral treatment, medication management, and educational consultation. Research activities at the Child Study Center range from the study of basic genetic and brain mechanisms to the family, the culture, and social policy issues relevant to children and families.

Child Study Center Leadership

People, A-Z

Adnopoz, Jean
Akbar, Maysa
Anderson, George
Arnsten, Amy
Bailey, Karyn
Baskin-Sommers, Arielle
Best, Mary
Bloch, Michael
Booth, Leah
Brackett, Marc
Britto, Pia
Brown, Fay
Cardona-Wolenski, Laurie
Chang, Steve
Chawarska, Katarzyna
Ciarleglio, Laura
Cifarelli, Renee
Close, Ann
Comer, James
Cooper, Camille
Coppola, Gianfilippo
Crowley, Michael
Cunningham, Jennifer
Cutter, Christopher
Davila, Tara
de Carvalho, Megan
Deignan-Kosmides, Ariana
Dennehy, Lauren
Dettmer, Amanda
Dowling, Heather
Eisenberg, Judith
Epstein, Carrie
Fernandez, Thomas
Fiellin, Lynn
Finch, Krystal
Finn-Stevenson, Matia
Fontenelle, Scuddy
Frometa, Cecilia
Gereda, Jennifer
Gereda Marganski, Kimberly
Giguere Carney, Amy
Gilliam, Walter
Goslin, Megan
Gossart-Walker, Sandra
Goyette-Ewing, Michele
Graham, Bruce
Grantz, Heidi
Grigorenko, Elena
Grodberg, David
Guerrier, Stephanie
Gunsalus, Mary
Gupta, Abha
Hahn, Hilary
Hanson, Karen
Haymann, Rachel
Haynes, Norris
Hoffman, Ellen
Horwitz, Carla
Jarzabek, Elzbieta
Jou, Roger
Khondkaryan, Enna
King, Robert
Kleine, Bethany
Koenig, Kathy
Kowats, Kristen
Krishnan, Ameya
Lavalley, Lynn
Lebowitz, Eli
Leckman, James
Lee, Jin Ju
Levin, Alexia
Liu, Tong
Llewellyn, Tiffany
Lombroso, Paul
Lopez-Cohen, Gwendolyn
Lyons, Megan
Macari, Suzanne
Maiorana, Kieran
Malensek, Katherine
Marans, Steven
Marin, Carla
Martin, Andres
Martucci, Anna
Maupin, Angela
Mayes, Linda
Mayo, Jessica
McGirr, Christopher
McPartland, James
Mills, Christiana
Moreno, Claudia
Myers, Amy
Nicholls, Sarah
Ninivaggi, Frank
Nordhaus, Barbara
O'Brien, Yvonne
Olezeski, Christy
Parrott, Carolina
Peck, Signy
Poncin, Yann
Ponguta, Angelica
Powell, Kelly
Pracitto, Kristin
Radawich, Jeanette
Reiss, David
Reyes, Chin
Rutherford, Helena
Samuel, Emily
Saul, Dale
Savo, Cynthia
Schowalter, John
Sestan, Nenad
Silverman, Wendy
Smith-Jackson, Heather
St. Pierre, Michelle
Stahl, Sherin
Stob, Victoria
Stover, Carla
Stubbe, Dorothy
Sukhodolsky, Denis
Suppies, Cristine
Taylor, Laine
Thorne, Ariel
Tongul, Elif
Trofatter, Katherine
Vaccarino, Flora
VanDeusen, Timothy
Ventola, Pamela
Vitulano, Lawrence
Voccola, Kelly
Warnick, Erin
Westphal, Alexander
Williams, Ky'Osha
Wnek, Melissa
Wolf, Julie
Woolston, Joseph
Wu, Jia
Zecchini, Virginia


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