Benjamin Polak, PhD

Provost and William C. Brainard Professor of Economics

Research Interests

Game Theory

Research Summary

Professor Polak is an expert on decision theory, game theory, and economic history. His work explores economic agents whose goals are richer than those captured in traditional models. His work on game theory ranges from foundational theoretical work on common knowledge, to applied topics in corporate finance and law and economics. Most recently, he has made contributions to the theory of repeated games with asymmetric information. Other research interests include economic inequality and individuals' responses to uncertainty. Professor Polak is currently engaged in an ambitious empirical project that tackles questions of industrial organization in the setting of industrial revolution in England.

Extensive Research Description


Selected Publications

  • Mean-dispersion preferences and constant absolute uncertainty aversion S. Grant and B. Polak; Journal of Economic Theory
  • America's Hidden Austerity Program P. Schott & B. Polak; New York Times
  • Equally-distributed equivalent utility, ex post egalitarianism and utilitarianism S. Grant, A. Kajii, B. Polak and Z. Safra; Journal of Economic Theory
  • Introduction to judgment aggregation C. List and B. Polak; Journal of economic theory
  • Generalized utilitarianism and Harsanyi's impartial observer theorem S. Grant, A. Kajii, B. Polak and Z. Safra; Econometrica

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Benjamin Polak, PhD
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