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Clinical Programs


The Yale Pediatric Infectious Diseases Consultation Clinic

Outpatient consultations in Infectious Diseases are provided at The Children's Hospital at Yale-New Haven, the major teaching hospital of the Yale School of Medicine. Appointments require a referral from a Primary care provider. To schedule a consultation, physicians should call the Infectious Diseases office at 203-785-4730.

The Yale Pediatric AIDS Clinic

The clinic provides ongoing medical care to children with congenital and acquired HIV infection. Dr. Warren Andiman is the Clinic Director. The Clinic is located in the Pediatric Specialty Clinic at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital.

The Yale International Adoption Clinic

The clinic provides pre-adoption and post-adoption to services to parents planning to adopt children from other countries. Infectious Disease faculty who provide care in the clinic include Dr. Michael Cappello. The director of the clinic is Dr. Carol Weitzman (General Pediatrics). Appointments can be scheduled by calling 203-737-1623.

The Winchester Chest Clinic

The Winchester Chest Clinic is the only specialized Pediatric Tuberculosis outpatient clinic in the state of Connecticut. Dr. Robert Baltimore is the Director of the Pediatric Tuberculosis Clinic, which is part of the Winchester Chest Clinic. Accordingly, there is no charge, or cost above that which is covered by insurance, for any patient coming to the clinic. This clinic is staffed by pediatric specialists in the Sections of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. The clinic visits, x-rays and medications are supported by a grant from the Winchester Fund. Appointments for the Pediatric Tuberculosis Clinic may be made by calling the Winchester Chest Clinic at (203) 785-4198. The Winchester Chest Clinic is located at Fitkin 2, Room 209, 789 Howard Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut.