Analysis of slow wave sleep in children with language or autistic regression

What is the purpose of this trial?

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the slope of slow waves in sleep throughout the night in children with language or autistic regression (LR/AR) to determine if these are the same or different from typically developing children. These LR/AR children will have already been evaluated by the Yale Child Study Center. These children will be compared to neuro-typical children without regression, brought into the epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) for overnight monitoring and found to be seizure and regression free. The age range of the children in the study will be from 18 months to 12 years of age. To carefully characterize slow wave sleep slope changes in those with LR or AR compared to neurotypical children admitted to the EMU without regression. To obtain, if not yet done, or review, prior neuroimaging data with respect to thalamic injury for those with LR/AR. Neuroimaging is clinically indicated given the regression. Comparisons will be from age and gender matched controls having MRI brain done for headache. To collect serum samples for future genetic/proteomic/immune marker analysis of children with LR/AR compared to neuro-typical children admitted to the EMU without regression.

Participation Guidelines

Ages: 18 months - 12 years

Gender: Both

Yale University School of Medicine

Start Date: 04/17/2017

End Date: 11/30/2018

Last Updated: 02/22/2018

Study HIC#: 2000020215

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Kathryn A McVicar

Principal Investigator