Clinical Learning Objectives

These clinical experiences are designed to provide progressive education and expertise in the care of children with renal disorders and related diseases.

Year 1

  • Learn to gather accurate and essential information from families, children, and medical records from referring physicians.
  • Develop and implement effective management plans.
  • Use information technology and other resources to access new knowledge.
  • Obtain initial introduction to therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

Year 2

  • Acquire new knowledge through analysis and evaluation of therapeutic initiatives.
  • Exercise accountability and responsibility for learning from past experience.
  • Begin to develop strategies to optimize patient care.
  • Perform competently essential procedures.
  • Interact with broad spectrum of health care professionals to provide effective, complex care.

Year 3

  • Demonstrate excellence and sensitivity in caring for patients and families.
  • Provide effective and professional consultation to referring physicians.
  • Refine clinical judgment and decision-making regarding diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas.
  • Understand evidence based and cost-conscious strategies to develop effective care.