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Mandatory Readings

Health Care for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Goals & Objectives


To have a greater knowledge of community resources for children with autism and other developmental disabilities.


Residents will visit Ben Haven, a local school and residential program for older children and adolescents with autism and cognitive disabilities. They will attend a multidisciplinary case review at the residence or a didactic training for educators at the school.

Satisfying this goal will improve core competencies in:

  • Systems Based Practice as residents will have a greater understanding of the diversity of systems involved in providing care for children with developmental disabilities and a greater understanding of how these systems integrate physical and mental health care with educational services to meet the complex needs of these children. In addition, residents will have a greater knowledge of how to collaborate with other providers of care to children.
  • Medical knowledge: Residents will learn about the atypical ways that patients with autism and severe cognitive impairment present when they have common medical problems such as GERD, sinus infections or UTIs.

Residents will have an opportunity during this rotation to attend team rounds with Dr. Avni-Singer at Benhaven, a residential facility for children with Autism who are significantly impaired. It's an opportunity to understand the range of complexities in caring for children with significant developmental disabilities and the role a pediatrician can play in consulting to a center