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Developmental & Behavioral Fellowship Program


The fellowship in DBP is strongly committed to developing fellows’ ability to complete a research project successfully by training them in research methodology including statistics and research design and by providing ongoing mentorship individually and through weekly conferences. 

During the first year of the fellowship, with the guidance of the Program Director, the fellow will define an area of investigation, identify a mentor, and outline a project to pursue. The goal of this phase of fellowship training is to acquire the skills necessary to launch the investigative component of a future career in academic medicine.

At the end of the first year, a Scholarship Oversight Committee (SOC) will be appointed to oversee the fellow’s progress in the research project. The SOC will meet at least twice per year to evaluate the fellow’s progress and to advise the fellow. It is expected that the fellow’s research project will progress sufficiently during these two years to result in publication of original work, presentation at a national meetings and application for funding continuation of the project.

Current fellows are engaged in a number of projects: 

  • Early detection of autism through the development of a parent survey 
  • Functional imaging studies of children with ASDs. 
  • Use of the Internet to support parent decision making 
  • Current developmental and autism screening practice across states 
  • Reproducibility of developmental screening across settings
  • Factors associated with maternal depression in pediatric settings