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Developmental & Behavioral Fellowship Program

Program Elements

  • A broad range of clinical training sites, many of which involve interdisciplinary teams
  • Participants in Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) program that involves a weekly, multidisciplinary seminar
  • On- and off-site clinical supervision provided individually and in groups (including utilizing Collaborative Office Rounds) provided by faculty of many disciplines
  • Didactic coursework and seminars, especially within the DBP Program, the Yale Child Study Center, and the Investigative Medicine Program
  • Extensive public health, policy, leadership, and advocacy training, in partnership with the Medical-Legal Partnership at YNHH and the CT. Parent Advocacy Center
  • Training in cultural sensitivity, through clinical work, education and mentorship and through direct involvement within an innovative program called International Collaborative Office Rounds.

Clinical Rotations

Clinic Description
Down Syndrome Clinic Multidisciplinary Clinic designed to meet the complex needs of children with Down syndrome.
Fast Track Autism Clinic Clinic for children 4 and younger who are referred for a positive ASD screen or concerns for ASD have been raised by primary care clinician or parent.
Follow-up Clinic Fellows’ weekly follow up clinic where children with a range of DBP problems are followed. Fellows’ are directly observed.
Genetics – genetic syndromes, metabolic disorders, and neuromuscular problems Weekly clinic doing genetic evaluations of children particularly those with developmental delay and genetic syndromes.
Integrative Medicine Clinic Integrative medicine evaluations with Yale faculty with naturopath training that includes naturopathic medicine, evaluation of dietary supplements, expert guidance regarding complementary and alternative therapies.
Movement Disorders Clinic Assess children with movement disorders.
Neurology Assess children with a range of neurological problems affecting development and behavior and gain proficiency in conducting neurological evaluations of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.
NICU Follow-up Clinic Interdisciplinary clinic that provides medical and developmental follow up for the preterm infant.
Norwalk Pediatric Development and Therapy Center Multidisciplinary assessment of children with a broad range of DBP problems that include ASD, ADHD, ID, developmental delay, behavior problems.
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) Weekly clinic with a physiatrist seeing children and adults with CP, stroke, and other physical and motor disabilities.
Psychopharmacology Clinic, Yale Child Study Center Outpatient Clinic Management of medication for school age patients with a range of developmental and behavioral challenges.
School Age/Adoption Clinic Developmental behavioral assessments of adopted and school age children including assessment for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
Tic/Tourette/OCD clinic Multidisciplinary evaluation and management of children with tics, Tourette and OCD.
Yale Child Study Center Autism Clinic Multidisciplinary Autism evaluations for children with suspected ASD.
Young Child Clinic Developmental and behavioral assessments for children less than 5 with a range of DBP problems.

These are the core clinical experiences for DBP fellows. Additional clinical opportunities are available for elective rotations.

Educational Conferences

Conference Frequency
Anxiety, OCD and Tic Disorders‡ Weekly
Child Assessment Seminar Weekly
Collaborative Office Rounds (COR) Weekly (Sept –May)
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Orientation** 1st summer
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Core Seminar Weekly
Developmental Psychopathology Seminar** Weekly
International Collaborative Office Rounds (iCOR) Monthly (Sept-May)
Intro to Psycho-pharmacology Weekly (summer)
Investigative Medicine Courses Yearly
Pediatrics Clinical Research Seminar Weekly
Pediatric Grand Rounds Weekly (Sept-May)
Seminars in Psychopharmacology Biweekly (Summer)
Yale Child Study Center (YCSC) Grand Rounds Weekly (Sept-May)
Yale Child Study Center Outpatient Clinic Rounds† Episodic
Yale Pediatric Fellows’ Conference Weekly (Sept-May)

** 1st year seminar, ‡2nd year seminar, † 3rd year seminar