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Diagnostics & Therapeutics

 Dr. Pashankar speaking with patient on blood pressure cuff
Photo by Robert A. Lisak

Yale Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program

The Yale Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program provides multidisciplinary care to children with Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis. Medical and surgical specialists are available at the same visit to provide comprehensive care. Enterostomal nurses work with the family to manage ostomy care and provide support.

Pediatric Endoscopy Center

  • Diagnostic endoscopy, pH probe studies & liver biopsy
  • Therapeutic endoscopy including sclerotherapy, band ligation, foreign body removal & polypectomy
  • Inherited Metabolic Liver Disease Clinic
  • Lysosomal Storage Disease Clinic
  • Ostomy care & family support provided by clinical enterostomal staff
  • Nutritional support

Inpatient care is provided at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital while outpatient care is provided in the following locations:

We offer multidisciplinary care, harnessing the expertise of gastrointestinal nursing, nutrition, radiology, surgery and genetics experts, along with Yale Medicine’s programs in inflammatory bowel disease and liver transplantation.