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Teens & Young Adults

Yale FORGE Ahead Bridge Diabetes Program (F.A.B.)

F orm new relationships
Orient to the future
Reach out for support
Gain new knowledge
Embrace life!.......Ahead and Bridge

Welcome to Yale’s F.A.B. Diabetes Program!!! As proud as we are about the family-centered care we offer to kids with diabetes, we aren’t trying to brag about our fabulous program. F.A.B. is the name of our new transition program designed for teens and young adults already treated within the Yale Children’s Diabetes Program to facilitate their “graduation” from pediatric to adult care for their ongoing diabetes management.

We recognize that teens and young adults need a different kind of support as they prepare to manage diabetes on their own. The Yale FORGE Ahead and Bridge Diabetes Program functions as both an acronym and a guide to the overarching principles underlying this new program, which was developed to: 1) better address the unique needs of teens who are emerging into adulthood with type 1 diabetes; and 2) support their efforts to assume full responsibility for their own diabetes management and exercise healthy behavior.

Throughout this section, you will find information about your diabetes care and important topics related to nutrition, optimal use of technology, and psychosocial issues that may impact your management efforts. Enjoy!

Diabetes 101

Educating yourself about diabetes is the first step in managing your condition or your child's condition. Visit the Diabetes 101 section to learn more.