Calibration & Downloading


Keys to Successful Calibration of your Sensor (Remember the 3 Rs)

  1. Never calibrate on a Rapid Rise. Check to make sure no arrows are next to your most recent sensor reading.
  2. Review your 3-hour graph. Look at your 3-hour graph to make sure the blood sugar is steady.
  3. Calibrate on a Routine basis. Don't wait to calibrate until there is an alarm, choose to calibrate when your blood sugar is stable.

When wearing a guardian device you will not be able to see your blood sugar or graphs, so try to calibrate when you feel your blood sugar is stable.

Recommended times to calibrate are:

  1. Before breakfast
  2. At lunch
  3. At dinner
  4. Before bed

All of the above should be times when your blood sugar should be stable. It is important to calibrate before breakfast and before bed because calibrations are required every 12 hours. This will prevent the sensor from alarming in the middle of the night for a calibration.


Sensors can be uploaded for review of retrospective data that can help immensely when making diabetes management decisions. The Medtronic sensor can be uploaded in the same manner that the Medtronic pump is uploaded (link to section on downloading Medtronic pumps). Once uploaded the user will have access to reports such as "sensor daily overlay" where a week's worth of data is displayed at a time. Other helpful reports can break out the sensor tracings by meal. Providers who have access to your username and password can log-in from any computer with internet access to review these same reports. The Dexcom Seven sensor can be uploaded on your personal computer with the use of software provided by Dexcom. Once uploaded PDF's of the reports can be exported.