Downloading Pumps & Data Retrieval

  • Retrieving data from a pump can be a helpful and time saving tool for the clinician and patient.
  • All pumps currently on the market can be uploaded through either use of a special cable and software downloaded on a specific computer or through a web-based interface that uses a USB to wirelessly upload the pump and associated meters (data can then be exported or printed if downloaded on specific device or viewed remotely if done with web-based software).
  • The specific pump company can provide the actual software and downloading tools as well as patient instruction on how to use the technology.
  • Providers may want to ask their pump patients to upload their pump the night before their visit and bring reports to for efficiency and efficacy.
  • Once the pump is uploaded, a variety of reports can be viewed including; current device settings, logbook reports that show blood sugar numbers and carbohydrate amounts entered into the pump as well as the amount of insulin delivered (helpful to review when making dose adjustments) .Reports that outline pump events such as suspensions, alarms, temporary basal rates, rewinding the pump and cannula filling (helpful when assessing compliance). Statistical reports that use a variety of modalities such as line charts, pie charts and graphs to display minimum/maximum and average blood sugars, boluses and basal information. These can often be broken down by time of day or meal for better assessment of control and need for changes.