What our patients are saying about Yale Diabetes Research

Here's what some of our patients have to say about participating in diabetes research at Yale:

I think participating in research not only helps me out personally with my own health, but it's an incredible thing to know that you are helping other people in the process as well. Having the ability to look at a medication or treatment that people are using and say "wow, I helped get that there" is a really good feeling.
Also Dr. Weinzimer is awesome because he plays the guitar like a boss.

Andrew, age 20

I think diabetes research is important because it enables diabetics to feel more comfortable about having diabetes and feel less different from other people.
The things I like best about diabetes research is researchers understand diabetes enough to make the insulin pump-- and now you don't have to have three shots a day and you can eat as much food as you want instead of having limited portions. Now I can eat cake at birthday parties!
What I learned from diabetes research was how diabetes is caused, and what they are doing to make an artificial pancreas so that diabetes is not an issue.

Ben, age 10

I think that diabetes research is essential for finding better more efficient ways of treating Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a labor intensive disease that takes a lot of time and planning. Improvements that make the steps of daily care easier can have great implications not just in saving time but by alleviating pressure from being constantly mindful of the disease. The research allows scientists and doctors to have a better understanding of Type 1diabetes, and who knows, this could someday lead to a cure.
From a more practical point of view, having both of my kids being part of different research projects has made it possible for us to work more closely with the diabetes care team and have more personal relationships with everyone. Both my kids feel that being part of the diabetes research has made them feel proud that they can contribute to something that could help others with diabetes in the future.

Sirpa, mother of 2 children with T1D

The best thing I like about participating in research is feeling like I can make a difference both for my life as well as millions of other people with type 1 diabetes. The more that I participate in studies, the more I feel that we are getting closer to a cure or at least another more effective way to deal with diabetes. Without others to participate in research, there would be no advancements in diabetes care. So, everyone who has participated in diabetes research has contributed to advancements in diabetes care. It's great to be a part of that and to think that the research I participated in will help make life easier for so many others.

Miriam, age 18

We think diabetes research is important because without it we would not have the convenience of the insulin pump which makes life with diabetes easier to manage. We are hopeful we are contributing to research that will find a cure for diabetes, but in the mean time researchers continue to develop new technology to help people keep their a1c in a healthy range.
His favorite thing about research at Yale is 'getting paid and helping other people.' My favorite thing is knowing he is doing his part to make a difference.
We feel very lucky to have Yale’s research clinic so close to home and to be a part of a possible cure.

Jake, age 14, and his mother, Jenn

One of the inherent benefits of research is the increased knowledge base. My son was enrolled in a study at the time of diagnosis and our added involvement with Yale research team sped up our understanding of the disease state.

Jean, son with T1D

I love being involved in the research because I want to help find a cure. The research team makes it really easy and fun.
The staff does a great job! Oh yeah, and the shakes taste really good!

Michael, age 13

An artificial pancreas drawn by a patient of the Yale Children's Diabetes Program