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Clinician Connection

A Service of the Yale Children’s Diabetes Program

During the week, our patients can contact one of our clinicians for assistance with dose adjustments or to answer brief questions that cannot wait until the next scheduled visit.  Your calls will be answered by one of our administrative staff whenever possible.  Otherwise, you will be directed to a voicemail.

Please note that this website features a section for Frequently Asked Questions. Answers to many routine questions can be found there.

For a better understanding on how calls will be handled, please read the following section:

Telephone Access

Routine Dose Adjustment

Leave a message that you are an established patient calling for a dose adjustment. For all patterns of high blood sugars without ketones please expect a call back from a clinician within 3 business days.  For patterns of low blood sugars (<60 ) please expect a call back the same day.

 If you have a pump and/or sensor and are calling for a dose adjustment, please make every effort to upload your device and leave detailed information in the message about how to access your account. (Please note all patients wearing a sensor for 72 hours or more who have the tracing reviewed by a clinician can expect an interpretation charge to be billed to their insurance company).

For non-emergent medical questions related to diabetes care:  Leave detailed information and your question will be triaged by a clinician and returned in a timely manner.

For all forms (excuse notes, travel letters, school forms, camp forms etc.): We recommend that all forms (school, camp, etc.) be dealt with during your routine clinic visit, however if not possible please leave a detailed message along with how you’d like to get the form back, all forms will be completed in up to 7 business days.

Electronic Access

With our transition to electronic medical records, we are also able to offer our patients a means to send non-urgent questions to a member of our diabetes team.

We encourage all of our patients to sign up for   MyChart. Information on how to establish a MyChart account may be found at the bottom of your “After Visit Summary” that you received after your last appointment.

Emergency Services

203-785-5831 Option 1

  • Clinician is on call for emergencies 24 hours/day.
  • Use this service for the following: extreme nausea or vomiting, moderate to large ketones, severe hypoglycemia, 2+ BG levels in a row over 300 mg/dL, pump failures.
  • In the beginning, if you are not sure if something is an emergency, please call us and we can help you decide.
  • When you call, you will need to ask the answering service to page the on-call clinician. Please turn off your call block feature otherwise we cannot get back to you as quickly.  
  • This service should be used on weekends and holidays if you are still calling in for daily dose adjustments.