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Important Information

  • Make sure your surgeon is aware that you have Type 1 diabetes and call your diabetes team as soon as you know you will be having surgery. Collaboration amongst anesthesiologists, surgeons and diabetes specialists to determine diabetes management is very important.
  • Your diabetes team will develop a plan regarding insulin doses or temporary basal rates for pump use beginning the night before your surgery and will review this plan with you. Do not leave this until the last minute. Please call us 2-3 days before you/your child's surgery to give us enough time to develop this plan.
  • Typically it is best to be scheduled as the first case of the day if possible.
  • For short/minor procedures (<1hr), pump may be left on and basal rates continue to infuse. 
  • Secure infusion set with additional tape for added protection during surgery.
  • If pump is discontinued, an alternate source of insulin MUST be used.
  • Frequent BG monitoring should be cornerstone of diabetes management before, during and after surgery.