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Preventing Complications

Prevention of and Screening for Diabetic Complications in Children and Adolescents with Diabetes

Long-standing diabetes can be associated with adult problems such as eye, kidney and heart disease.  We know from long term clinical trials in type 1 diabetes that these problems can be delayed and/or prevented with good blood sugar control beginning at diagnosis. This is why we strive to work with our families to provide the best possible blood sugar control in our children with diabetes.

It is also important to screen our patients for the development of these complications so any problems can be identified and treated at the earliest stages before damage is permanent. Problems such as eye disease (retinopathy) and kidney disease (nephropathy) can be reversed with improvement in diabetes control if they are detected early.

The message is clear. Blood sugar control is important in maintaining healthy blood vessels. Your eyes, kidneys, and heart will thank you for it.

Information about Complications