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Insurance & Finances

Without insurance, diabetes care is extremely expensive. Even with insurance coverage, co-pays often are burdensome to families. The following resources may be helpful to ‘insure’ that your children’s medical needs are met.

MEDICAID is a program that provides health insurance to some low-income Connecticut residents.  Medicaid covers families with children and pregnant women, medically needy individuals and people with disabilities, if state and federal guidelines are met. Legal residents who are not US citizens may be eligible for Medicaid. Non-citizens who do not have immigration documents cannot enroll in Medicaid.

Income levels vary by year. For most eligibility categories your assets and some expenses will be taken into account. There is no asset test for children, parents and pregnant women. Children to the age of 19 can be covered.

You may qualify for Medicaid if you have high medical expenses that, when subtracted from your income, would make you eligible for Medicaid coverage. 

To find out if you or your child is eligible for Medicaid, contact Medical Assistance Programs of the Connecticut Department of Social Services.

HUSKY A is also known as Medicaid. Uninsured children under the age of 19 in higher-income households may be eligible for HUSKY B. (also known as the Children’s Health Insurance Program-CHIP) Depending on specific income level, family cost-sharing applies. The first step is to apply: HUSKY staff will contact you about the next steps. To phone HUSKY: 1-877-284-8759.

THE CHARTER OAK PLAN offers benefits to uninsured adults from age 19 through 64. In order to inquire about eligibility, call 1 877 772 8625 or go to their website. You can download an application.

Ask your diabetes provider if there are any specific local programs they may be eligible for to help offset the out of pocket expenses for children with diabetes.

LILLY has programs which offer Lilly medicines for free for people of need. For instance, Lilly Cares is a program for which one qualifies if you: have no prescription drug coverage, are a United States resident and meet the household guidelines for the program. If one is accepted in the program, a 120-day supply of the medicine is shipped to our office. You remain enrolled in the program for one year. For additional information about Lilly Cares, call 1-800-545-6962.

NOVO NORDISK helps people who do not have private health insurance or do not qualify for private, local, state or federal prescription reimbursement. The Novo Nordisk Patient Assistance Program (PAP) provides free medicine to those who qualify. If approved, a 90 day supply is sent to our office. There is an application that can be downloaded on their website, or you can phone 866-310-7549. (You will need  to complete an application, provide proof of income and have a clinician complete the prescribing sections of the application.)


Go on-line to This is an online information resource of programs that provide assistance to people who are unable to afford their medications and health care costs. (They do not run any assistance programs: they maintain current information about sources of assistance that anyone can use.) This information is updated daily.

Also, Rx Assist is a web site which offers answers to questions about PAPs (patient assistance programs) as well as drug discount cards. These cards may reduce medication costs: some have an annual fee. Some stores have discount pharmacy services. Costco and Sam’s Club have competitive prices Membership is not needed to use their pharmacy services.

If you are over 18 and either just completed college or did not go to college and your parents have insurance,  the Affordable Care Act requires companies to cover adults up to age 26 as part of their parents' insurance benefits.