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Gym Classes and Recess in School

  • Effects on BG determined by timing of PE class with lunch time, snacks, etc.
  • If on shots, many children have different insulin doses for PE versus non-PE days. We can help you to determine these doses.
  • Most kids leave their pumps on for gym class and recess. You may need to use temporary rates following class or give an extra 15 grams of carbs before exercising.

Sports Camps

  • Summer sports camps schedules can be very different than the usual routine with much more exercise and greater risk of hypoglycemia.
  • If the camp runs for the whole day, it is best to remain on the pump at a lower temporary basal rate.  Or, take the pump off for two hour periods and re-connect to bolus for some of insulin that was missed and food.
  • Insulin injections should be decreased based on the amount of exertion expected that day.
  • Test blood glucose about every two hours and once through the night.