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New Haven

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New Haven's population of 130,000 makes it the second largest city in Connecticut, but it retains a distinctly college town feel. Tree lined streets reflect the legacy of the first tree planting program in America, and low building demonstrate a diversity of historic and modern architectural styles. Downtown New Haven, which includes both the Yale-New Haven Medical Center and Yale University, is centered around the New Haven Green. The Green is a public space surrounded by coffee shops, nationally renowned restaurants, bookstores, clothing boutiques, apartments, businesses, bars, clubs, and musical and theatrical performance spaces.

The greater New Haven area has a total population of over 500,000 and provides a great wealth of outdoor recreation opportunities. The Connecticut shoreline is beautiful and very accessible for hiking, boating, swimming, and fishing. To the west and north, mountains and hills provide excellent hiking, mountain biking, camping, skiing, and snowshoeing opportunities. There are many local sports leagues for those who prefer organized sports, and if you play golf the Yale Golf Course is highly regarded!

Residents live in a variety of settings, from downtown lofts to single-family homes in the surrounding towns. Relative to the rest of the East Coast, New Haven is affordable and boasts easy commutes and access to recreation.

Things we like best about New Haven include:

If you must get away, New York, Boston, Cape Cod, Block Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire are easy to get to by train, plane, automobile, or boat!