The Yale Pediatric Resident Experience

Learning and Living Well

We believe that our faculty, training sites and curriculum provide an ideal environment for learning. What sets us apart from other residency programs is our commitment to optimizing opportunities for our residents to establish meaningful and rewarding relationships with each other and with our faculty. We also believe that a focus on resident wellness is a crucial component of a well-rounded training experience and for this reason have a dedicated Yale Pediatric Resident Wellness Program.

The Yale Pediatric Resident Wellness Program

In an effort to prioritize resident well being and burnout prevention, the Yale Pediatric Residency Program has established a formal Resident Wellness Program under the guidance and leadership of Associate Program Director Dr. Marietta Vazquez. The program's focus is on candid discussion regarding matters of mental health in medical training, the teaching of proactive wellness strategies, the identification of mental health resources available to all residents, and the hosting of wellness-promoting events. We provide bi-annual group mental health sessions and monthly lunch-time wellness sessions such as yoga or meditation available to everyone. We want to help our residents to take care of themselves so they can learn optimally, take the best care of their patients, and thrive during residency and beyond.

Resident Social Committee

The Yale Resident Social Committee is a resident-led initiative that focuses on the well-being of residents outside the hospital. Each year a supportive and caring group of core residents leads the program in the organization of countless activities to promote fun and bonding outside the hospital. The Committee plans events far beyond the usual happy hours to include, to name just a few, hikes, cultural events, swim sessions, and yoga classes.

Movin' on Up

At the close of each academic, year the rising PGY-2's and PGY-3's come together for an evening of food, drinks, and camaraderie at the program director’s house. This event provides an excellent chance to be together as rising seniors, to set goals for the year ahead, and to reflect on the ideals and challenges of the senior resident role.

Intern Appreciation

Two to three times a year our dedicated senior residents host "intern appreciation" evenings in recognition of the time and hard work consistently put in by our PGY-1's. Coverage is provided for all interns for these events thereby allowing all members of the class to come together.

Men of Peds

Yale is proud to have a well-balanced resident class in countless ways, one of many being a strong group of male pediatricians-in-training. These "men of peds," as they like to call themselves, have a proud tradition of organizing events of all sorts to breed camaraderie and pride amongst themselves, from bow-tie Fridays to poker night Saturdays. Their biggest event is doubtless their charity mustache-growing competition each November, in which faculty and residents compete, including assistant program directors and our department chair. If you interview in November, be warned.

Holiday Party & Graduation

Twice each year, coverage is provided for each and every resident in the program so that all may come together to celebrate each other at both the holiday party and graduation. These nights are a wonderful chance to reunite all classes as well as beloved faculty and are filled with laughter and dancing.

New Haven

New Haven Photo

New Haven's population of 130,000 makes it the second largest city in Connecticut, but it retains a distinctly college town feel.

The Immunizers Softball Team

softball bright

Our softball team, The Immunizers, plays weekly in the spring and summer and our games are well attended by both players and fans.