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Yale Children's Hispanic Clinic

New Haven is home to a large and diverse Hispanic population. As a city, New Haven is known for its pro-immigrant status. New Haven issues city ID cards regardless of immigration status, offers bilingual education K-8, has notable Hispanic representation in city government, and since 2008 is home to the Ecuadorian consulate. These policies have resulted in multiple vibrant and growing Hispanic neighborhoods most especially, our own. We believe that culturally competent and linguistic fluency with this population is invaluable in providing quality healthcare as a pediatric resident at Yale.

In the fall of 2013, the first pediatric Hispanic clinic in Connecticut was created at Yale New Haven Hospital by Dr. Marietta Vázquez and 3 pediatric residents. This clinic (Y-CHiC-- acronym for the Yale-Clinic for Hispanic Children or Yale- Clínica Hispana para Chicos) is a culturally and linguistically competent primary care for children ages 0-12 months and their families in a Group Well Child Care model. This program integrates language and cultural competency into residency training while at the same time providing high quality pediatric clinical care to children and their families completely in Spanish.

Y-CHiC groups are open to all residents at Yale who are proficient in Spanish and to members of the Yale and New Haven community - we currently have several Yale medical students and graduate students who are Spanish speakers and who are interested in a longitudinal continuity experience (following Hispanics families for one year and learning about their community, culture, life struggles, successes and medical issues) and Spanish speaking volunteers.

Y-CHiC aims to promote health, encourage prevention and empower Hispanic families about their own health.