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Primary Care Pediatrics Curriculum

Residents learn to assess and manage common problems in ambulatory care in clinic under the supervision and guidance of their faculty preceptors. To enhance this clinical experience and supplement any gaps in their firsthand encounters, we developed a literature-based curriculum that covers a wide span of primary care topics in pediatrics.

The Yale Primary Care Pediatrics Curriculum serves as the basis for weekly academic half day didactic sessions for residents on outpatient rotation. These conferences are led by either a faculty preceptor or a resident under faculty supervision. Residents read the cases and key reference materials prior to coming to conference, which minimizes the amount of didactic information to be covered and enables vigorous discussion of the questions posed in the cases. Learning groups are small which facilitates active discussion and personalized education.

Our curriculum serves as a guide for organized, case-centered, evidence-based discussions of core topics in outpatient pediatrics as well as issues relating to the ethical, legal, and business aspects of healthcare. Through use of the curriculum, we ensure the quality, content, and accuracy of preclinic conference sessions from week to week. The curriculum is available to housestaff and faculty in both paper and online versions, both of which contain internet links to reference articles and useful resources.

There are two versions of the curriculum: one for moderators and one for learners. In both versions, each chapter is arranged in a standardized format: a case vignette followed by a series of questions. The moderator's version also contains suggested answers to the questions, teaching pearls, and suggestions for group exercises to reinforce key points.

This innovative curriculum was collaboratively developed by Yale housestaff and faculty to fortify evidence-based learning in our clinical conferences. All original content is written by Yale housestaff and faculty, and continues to be updated annually. It is currently used by more than 70 residents and 20 faculty in the Yale Pediatrics and Combined Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Programs, as well as at dozens of training and practice sites around the world. The curriculum has met with a high level of satisfaction based on surveys of residents and faculty.

For more information regarding The Yale Curriculum in Primary Care Pediatrics, please contact Jaideep Talwalkar, MD or Ada Fenick, MD.