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Seminal Articles and Resources

High Level Summary of Yale Simulation Resources


  • Hospital simulation center- focus on hospital staff, improvement efforts
  • Application process for programs (services include educator consult, technician, resources)
  • Many pediatric simulators/skills trainers, educators/facilitators/technicians/actors
  • Course work: intro to sim/experiential learning, debriefing, advanced debriefing
Yale Center for Medical Simulation:
  • Medical school center- focus on students/university/research
  • Many pediatric simulators/skills trainers, educators/facilitators/technicians/actors
  • Course work: debriefing, journal clubs
  • ** sim fellowship, ** grants/research program
Other simulation centers/programs:
  • Standardized patient program: clinical skills rooms at medical school (Harkness)
  • Nursing school simulation center
  • EMS simulation center
  • Sim resources: PALS, NRP, EMS, VR, EMSC

Question Writing

  • Item Writing Guide and Free Online Item Writing Tutorial: The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) Item Writing Guide and Tutorial are resources for educators interested in learning how to write quality test items. The NBME Item Writing Guide incorporates lessons that NBME staff have learned from decades of collaborating and developing exam questions and conducting workshops with medical educators globally.
  • NBME Learning Resources: Unlocking Assessment is a new video series that helps students and residents see how a panel of their peers, as well as a team of licensed physicians, approach NBME® test questions used to measure their clinical knowledge. Each episode focuses on a different patient scenario and includes an interactive discussion.
  • United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Sample Items: Sample items for USMLE are available as a resource for educators and students.