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In addition to the patient-oriented clinical training detailed above, the following didactic learning sessions complement this training:

  • Section Conferences:
    • Section conferences occur on Friday afternoons, are mandatory and require active participation of fellows. Core curriculum topics are covered by both faculty and fellows. All division members are responsible for at least two journal club presentations per year.

  • Departmental Conferences:
    • Pediatric Grand Rounds are held every Wednesday at noon. Fellows are encouraged to attend on a regular basis. However, they must attend if topics involve pediatric nephrology or a fellowship requirement (i.e., core competencies).

  • Fellowship Seminar:
    • The Fellowship Seminar is held every Monday at noon. Fellows in all years of training must attend a minimum of 70% of these conferences each year. Topics include core competencies germane to all pediatric fellows, guest speakers on subjects of interest and fellow research presentations.

  • Combined Adult-Pediatric Renal Conferences:
    • These occur on Tuesday afternoons, Thursday afternoons, Friday mornings and Friday at noon. The subject of the Tuesday conference is generally a clinical topic in CKD/ESRD management. Thursday afternoons are devoted to core concepts in transplantation. The Friday conferences cover a wide range of topics including Core Pathology Conferences, journal clubs, case-based patient discussions, Research-in-Progress talks and include a robust schedule of visiting speakers who lecture on topics of interest. Pediatric fellows present at both Friday conferences during their training.

  • Dialysis Conferences:
    • There are two (2) dialysis conferences per month. One occurs in the dialysis unit with the fellow and attending on service for the month in conjunction with the dialysis nurses, SW and nutritionists and involves a comprehensive review of all dialysis patients. The second occurs with all section members to review patients, troubleshoot problems and plan for upcoming transplants.

  • Biopsy Conferences:
    • Friday mornings at 11:30 AM to review any biopsies performed in the preceding week.

  • Urology Conferences:
    • This occurs on one Monday afternoon per month during which imaging studies of interest are reviewed with the Sections of Pediatric Nephrology and Urology.