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The goal of research component of the fellowship training is to provide the fellow with the necessary knowledge and experience to launch their academic career. During the first year research elective, the fellow will define an area of investigation, identify a mentor, and outline a project to pursue with the guidance of the program director. The second and third year of fellowship will focus on research.

Two research paths are offered:

  • Clinical Research Track: The Clinical Research Track emphasizes training in clinical research and epidemiology. In addition to planning and conducting clinical studies, fellows complete coursework in statistics, design of clinical trials, epidemiology, and others as necessary.
  • Basic/Translational Research Track: In this track, trainees can choose to work with investigators from across the university, resulting in a broad spectrum of research opportunities. Opportunities to work with basic scientists both within the section and the University are available to interested fellows, providing them with excellent exposure and experience in these areas.

With both tracks, fellows also have the ability to pursue an advanced degree; either a Master of Health Sciences (MHS) or PhD in Investigative Medicine.

A formal Scholarship Oversight Committee (SOC) is established to mentor and guide each fellow in the first year. The SOC is composed of at least 3 individuals: the primary mentor supervising the fellow's scholarly activity, a mentor for the fellow's clinical and general career development, and a mentor with expertise in the particular area of scholarship that is being pursued by the fellow. There may be additional mentors who are also members of SOC. The specific goals of SOC are:
  • To meet with the fellow a minimum of 2 times per year
  • Complete evaluation/progress reports after each meeting to assess progress and detail * accomplishments
  • Review and approve the proposed research plan for first year fellows
  • Evaluate the fellow's written product of scholarly activity