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The educational program for fellows is comprised of clinical, didactic, simulation and fellow-based components. Fellows' clinical training will be provided through close interaction with faculty during clinical rounds and at the bedside. There are weekly rounds during which all faculty and fellows from the Section of Pediatric Critical Care participate in in-depth discussions on cases presented by the on-service fellows. Didactic sessions provided by the Critical Care faculty as well as those from other divisions focus on areas relevant to the clinical practice of pediatric critical care.

Fellows will also be provided with education in the areas of academic medicine such as scientific writing, grant preparation, presentation of scientific information, statistical analysis, peer review and ethical scientific conduct. Monthly simulation targeted to fellow level learning objectives are held in the simulation unit of The Yale New Haven SYN:APSE center. The fellow-based component of the educational program is comprised of didactic lectures and journal club articles presented by the fellows and faculty. The purpose of these lectures, through meaningful feedback from faculty, is to help develop presentation and critical thinking skills necessary for all critical care physicians.

Click here to view the critical care fellows conference schedule.

Additional Training

Those trainees who wish to have additional time for the development of a particular area of interest in clinical practice, clinical research, or laboratory-based research may have the opportunity for an additional year of training in that area. Fellows will also be provided with the opportunity to enter into clinical elective months in either the medical or surgical subspecialties during their 2nd or 3rd years.