Yale Pediatric Update 2005 – Curriculum

Learning Objectives

At the end of the conference, all participants should be able to:

  • Assess and treat common psychiatric and behavior problems
  • Evaluate and diagnose respiratory and gastroenterologic complaints
  • Anticipate and manage sequelae of childhood diseases

Featured Presentation, September 30

  • Caring for Adolescents & Young Adults with Childhood Diseas, Sheryl Ryan, MD, Moderator
  • Congenital Heart Disease, James Perry, MD
  • Cancer Survivors, Nina Kadan-Lottick, MD, MSPH

Saturday, October 1-Plenary Session I Common Problems & Parental Concerns in the Young Child, Alan Friedman, MD, Moderator

  • The Coughing Kid - Allergy, Asthma or Reflux, Sumit Bhargava, MD
  • New Approaches to Constipation - Science Meets Practice, Dinesh Pashankar, MD
  • Environmental Molds, Carl Baum, MD

Plenary Session II - Challenges for the Pediatric Pracitioner: New Tools & Knowledge, Linda D. Arnold, MD, Moderator

  • ADHD: AAP Guidelines & Toolkit, Ronald Angoff, MD
  • Therapy for the Troubled Teen, Andre Martin, MD
  • Illicit Drugs - Something's Old, Something's New, Angela Anderson, MD

Special Seminar, Diagnostic Photoshop: Interesting Presentations of Common Disease

  • My Top Ten List in Radiology, Robin Goodman, MD

Break-out Workshops

  • Food Allergies in Children - State of the Art Science & Practice, Ramsey Fuleihan, MD
  • Medical Simulation/Office Preparedness for Emergencies, Lei Chen, MD, Allen Hsiao, MD, David Spiro, MD
  • The Premature Baby - Ethical Considerations & Developmental Outcomes, Rachael Chapman, MD, Mark Mercurio, MD, Carol Weitzman, MD