Pediatric Grand Round Lectures, 2006-07

September 6, 2006

R. Lawrence Moss, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief,
Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital,
Yale University

Necrotizing Enterocolitis:
Killing a Killer

September 13, 2006

Howard Pearson, MD, Department of Pediatrics (Hem/Onc),
Yale University

300 Years of American Pediatrics and 75 Years of the American Academy of Pediatrics

September 20, 2006

Jean-Laurent Casanova, MD, PhD, Pediatric Immunology-Hematology Unit,
University of Paris Rene Descartes

From Idiopathic Infectious Diseases to Novel Primary Immunodeficiencies

September 27, 2006

Charles MacCormack, MD, President and CEO,
Save the Children

International Child Health: Translating Knowledge into Results

October 4, 2006

Leslie H. Fall, MD,
Vice Chair, Pediatric Office of Medical Education, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Beyond Feedback: Coaching the "Elite Learner"

October 11, 2006

Edward Novotny, MD, Department of Pediatrics (Neurology), Yale University

Yale Pediatric Epilepsy Program

October 18, 2006

Michael Rich, MD, PhD, Director, Center on Media & Child Health, Children's Hospital Boston

Media & Child Health: Peril and Promise

October 25, 2006

Scott Rivkees, MD,
Section Chief, and Catherine A. Dinauer, MD, Section of Developmental Endocrinology & Biology, Department of Pediatrics, Yale University

The Yale Pediatric Thyroid Center

November 1, 2006

Rob Garofalo, MD,
Deputy Director,
Howard Brown Health Center

Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges: Adolescents and HIV in 2006

November 8, 2006

Eugene Shapiro, MD, Department of Pediatric (Infectious Diseases),
Yale University

Update on Vaccines

November 15, 2006

Karen Santucci, MD, Department of Pediatrics (Emergency Medicine),
Yale University


November 29, 2006

Rudolph Leibel, MD, Director, Pediatrics (Endocrinology),
Columbia University

How and Why Body Weight is Regulated

December 6, 2006

Diana W. Bianchi, MD, Department of Pediatrics, Tufts University School of Medicine, Floating Hospital for Children & Tufts-New England Medical Center

A Translational Approach to Perinatal/Neonatal Biology

December 13, 2006

Ben Doolittle, MD, Departments of Internal Medicine & Pediatrics,
Yale University

From the Pulpit to the Wards: Perspectives of Healing, Hope and Spirituality from a Physician-minister

January 10, 2007

Elias Michaelides, MD, Department of Surgery (Otolaryngology),
Yale University

Update in Pediatric Otology

January 17, 2007

Carol Weitzman, MD, Department of Pediatrics (General Pediatrics - Developmental Behavior), Yale University

Rethinking Early Childhood Development: Considering "Other" Developmental Milestones

January 24, 2007

Ian McCaslin, MD, MPH, FAAP, Medical Director, Physician Outreach, New England Campaign for Children's Health / Attending Physician, Emergency Medicine, Children's Hospital Boston

The New England Alliance for Children's Health: Protecting Access, Promoting Coverage of Vulnerable Children

January 31, 2007

Andrea Asnes, MD, Department of Pediatrics (General Pediatrics & Child Abuse), Yale University

One Year of Child Abuse Evaluation at Yale: A Summary & Lessons Learned

February 7, 2007

Eve Colson, MD, Department of Pediatrics (General Peds),
Yale University

Supporting Breastfeeding During the Postpartum Hospital Stay: A Collaborative Effort

February 14, 2007

Mike Apkon, MD,
Vice President,
Performance Management, Yale-New Haven Health System

Risk, Reliability & Liability

February 21, 2007

Diana Beardsley, MD, PhD, Department of Pediatrics (Hem/Onc), Yale University

ITP in the 21st Century

February 28, 2007

Peter Herbert, MD,
Chief of Staff,
Yale-New Haven Hospital

Accountability for Patient Outcomes in an Academic Medical Center

March 7, 2007

Richard Antaya, MD, Pediatric Dermatology,
Yale University

Red Flags: When Cutaneous Vascular Lesions are More than Skin Deep

March 14, 2007

David Hersh, MD, and Matt Grossman, MD, Department of Pediatrics (General Pediatrics),
Yale University

The Evolution of Pediatric Hospitalist Medicine

March 21, 2007

Janice Baker, Coordinator,
Arts & Enrichment
Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital

The Children's Hospital Arts Program as a Compliment to Traditional Pediatric Practice

March 28, 2007

Robert White, MD, Diagnostic Radiology,
Yale University

Not All Nosebleeds are Benign

April 4, 2007

Sumit Bhargava, MD (Respiratory) and
Ada Fenick, MD (General Peds), Yale University

The Pediatrician as Teacher: Theory & Techniques

April 11, 2007

Dr. Bennett & Dr. Sally Shaywitz, Department of Pediatrics (Neurology),
Yale University

The New Science of Reading & Dyslexia

April 18, 2007

Hugh O'Brodovich, MD, FRCP(C), Respiratory Medicine, Hospital for Sick Kids

Fluid Clearance from the Lungs of Infants and Children

April 25, 2007

Michael Lamb, MD,
Faculty of Social & Political Social Sciences,
Cambridge University

Can Children be Competent Witnesses?

May 2, 2007

Pnina Weiss, MD, Department of Pediatrics (Respiratory),
Yale University

World Asthma Day - What's New in our Neck of the Woods

May 16, 2007

Robert Weiss, MD, Chief, Department of Surgery (Urology), Yale University

Diagnosis and Management of Urinary Obstruction

May 23, 2007

Robert Moellering, MD, Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) Harvard Medical School

Staphylococcus Aureus: New Insights and Continued Challenges

May 30, 2007

Rachel Chapman, MD, Department of Pediatrics (Perinat), Yale University

An Update on Neonatal ECMO