About Us

The YCHRC is home to one of twenty NIH-sponsored Children's Hospital Research Centers. The goal of the Centers is to develop faculty members for careers in pediatric research. To date, the Yale CHRC program has supported 36 junior faculty members. Forty percent of these individuals have gone on to obtain NIH funding. We are especially proud that the Yale CHRC is the longest continuously funded CHRC in the nation.

The YCHRC is composed of several laboratories led by clinician-scientists. Each of these investigators is nationally or internationally renowned.

In addition to the ongoing work in the YCHRC, we are also developing new programs that are aimed at improving the training of tomorrow's leaders in pediatric research and expanding the scope of our research. Over the next year, the YCHRC will be hosting a variety of research symposia. These meetings will involve research technicians, medical students, summer students, and pediatricians-in-training. We are developing research cores to integrate clinician-scientists with common interests, resulting in new thematic research programs.

Over the coming years, we anticipate that the YCHRC will become an even more dynamic center of pediatric research. The fertile environment of the YCHRC will allow us to continue to train and develop the next generation of pediatric scientists.