OP list PI Department Specimen site 
SOP1  Daniel Boffa   Surgery (Section of Thoracic Surgery) lung and esophagus tumor tissue
SOP2  Tobias Carling      Surgery (Endocrine Surgery) thyroid and adrenal tumor tissue
SOP 4, 96 and 97  Murat Gunel Neurosurgery brain tumor tissue, autopsy leptomeninges tissue, dura tissue and autopsy cerebrovascular tissue 
SOP5  Alexander Vortmeyer   Pathology brain tumor tissue, autopsy brain tissue and autopsy vessel tissue 
SOP17  Gilbert Moeckel Pathology autopsy kidney tissue 
SOP 28 and 87  Nenad Sestan  Neurobiology autopsy brain tissue and spinal cord tissue
SOP33  Kevin C. O'Connor Neurology thymus tissue from patient with Myasthenia Gravis
SOP 37 and 66  Stephen Strittmatter/ Neurology and  Neurobiology autopsy spinal cord tissue and brain tissue with Alzheimer disease
SOP40 Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao  Medicine (Digestive Diseases) liver tumor tissue
SOP 42, 59 and 60  Bonnie Gould Rothberg Internal Medicine (Medical Oncology) lung cancer tissue, pancreas tumor tissue and no-pancreatic GI tumor tissue
SOP44  Thamas Horvath Comparative Medicine and Neurobiology autopsy brain tissue, hypothalamus
SOP58  Benjamin Judson  Surgery (Otolaryngology) head and neck tumor tissue
SOP72  Erin Hofstatter Medicine (Medical Oncology) normal breast tissue 
SOP74  Brian Shuch  Surgery (Urology) genitourinary tumor tissue
SOP76 & 77  Lajos Pusztai Medicine (Medical Oncology) breast tumor tissue
SOP 78 and 94  David Pitt Neurology autopsy brain tissue and choroid plaxus
SOP82  Erica Herzog Internal Medicine (Pulmonary) autopsy lung and heart tissue
SOP83  Ranjit Bindra Therapeutic Radiology brain tissue with GBM tumor
SOP90 Jean-Leon Thomas Neurology Olfactory Bulb
SOP 98 and 99 Patty Lee Internal Medicine (Pulmonary section) COPD lung tissue from surgical and autopsy cases