Stephen Michael Smith, MD

Clinical Fellow; Clinical Fellow, Endocrine, Head & Neck Pathology

Departments & Organizations

Head, Neck & Endocrine Pathology


Stephen M. Smith is a Clinical Fellow in Endocrine, Head & Neck Pathology in the Department of Pathology. He studied Biomedical Science and Forensic Science at The Ohio State University, completing his thesis entitled Investigation of Glutamate Receptors at the Murine Neuromuscular Junction and graduating in 2009. He completed his medical training at the University of Toledo in 2013 and residency training in anatomic and clinical pathology at The Ohio State University in 2017. His research interests are in understanding the carcinoma-stromal interface and understanding the the mechanisms of invasion in head and neck tumors, as well as molecular underpinings of sarcomas and skin pathology.

Education & Training

MD The University of Toledo (2013)
BS The Ohio State University, Biomedical Science (2009)
Resident Physician The Ohio State University

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