Help Desk

Frequently Asked Questions

Phones and Pagers

Phone repair, problems, pager issues

New service, canceling service, changing features and changing numbers

  • Send request to
  • Include approval by PI or supervisor
  • Charging instructions

Ricoh or Canon Multifunction Printers

Service requests or problems

  • Call Ricoh (IKON) for service and/or supplies – the telephone number is on the front of the machine.
  • Do not agree to new features or a new machine without calling ITS


Requests for computers, software, or equipment. **All computers and printers must be purchased by ITS**

  • Send e-mail request to 
  • Include approval by PI or supervisor 
  • Charging instructions

Requests for supplies: 

  • ITS does not order supplies. 
  • Order supplies through SciQuest 

Check on an order 

Request for a quote 


New connection 

  • Send e-mail request to 
  • Include approval by PI or supervisor 
  • Charging instructions

Problem connecting: can't log onto server, Safari/Firefox not responding, no mail response, can't print 

  • Check cables 
  • Check TCP/IP settings 
  • Restart 
  • Call Help Desk at 203.785.3691 
  • Turn printer off, Restart computer, turn printer back on 
  • Delete printer and setup again 
  • Try printing to a different printer 
  • Call Help Desk at 203.785.3691 

Server Log-in requests or problems 

Clinical Information Systems Access: CoPath, HAT, FSLink

Log-in and password problems, fax server, printing, SNOMED coder

  • Call Brian Daley at 203.737.5339

Other CIS questions

  • Call Help Desk at 203.785.3691

YNHH Information Systems Access (SCM, Logician, ChartView)

Log-in and password problems

  • Call YNHH Help Desk at 203.688.4357

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Printer problems and jams

  • Is printer connected?
  • Turn off and on again
  • Check paper drawer
  • Is paper cleared from rollers?

Printer margins are off

  • Reset Printer Set-up: Go to Chooser > select Printer > Set-up > select Printer Description for that printer

Printer can't print PDF files

  • In Print dialogue box, go to Acrobat specifics
  • Turn off print method "PostScript"
  • Check "Print as Picture"
  • Print

Printer Service Request

  • Send e-mail request to with a description of the problem
  • Approval by a PI or supervisor must be received along with charging instructions and Unit ID of the printer

Keyboard or mouse not working

  • Unplug, and plug back in again
  • Check connection, clean, try a different mouse pad or swap cables. (ITS does not provide mouse pads or special cables)

MS Word: printing envelopes

  • Go to: Labels and Envelopes > Options > Direction > Change Print Direction

PowerPoint: printing in B&W

  • Go to: Print > in dialog box, pull down menu (general) > go to Microsoft PowerPoint > uncheck Print in Black and White

iMac screen out of shape

  • Zap PRAM: on Restart, hold down the Command, Option, P, and R keys all at once (you will hear a restart and a "bong"; do this 4 times)
  • This resets defaults, so check time and network preferences

Generic Icons (icons have lost their custom appearance), or general weirdness

  • Rebuild desktop: Hit restart – wait until it just starts the start-up routine, and hold down Command, Shift, and Option keys until message appears that you are rebuilding the desktop