Grants and Contracts Manager

  1. Manage and Oversee the Grants and Contracts (Pre Award Unit) of the Department
  2. Responsible for federal (includes NIH, NSF, DoD) and private foundation grant submissions, pharmaceutical contracts (domestic and international), research and service contracts, grant transfers and subcontracts.
  3. Advise investigators and departmental staff in the development of proposals. This includes interpretation of sponsor’s policies, university policies, developing budgets, review, authorize and transmit grants and contracts to GCA and coordination of grant submission.
  4. Signatory Authority for grants and contracts in accordance with delegated authority
  5. Responsible for providing salary information for Pathology personnel and signing off on TranSums for inter-departmental collaborations
  6. Keep abreast of rules and regulations, external and internal polices and procedures governing the administration of grants and contracts and serve as a resource to faculty and staff.
  7. Review terms and conditions of the award agreement for new funding, coordinate initial set up until funding is released, revise budget and hand over to the Accountant
  8. Grant Reporting

Pathology Grants Team

Grant and Contracts Manager:

Shilpa Shukla

Yale School of Medicine 
Department of Pathology 
PO Box 208023  
New Haven, CT 06520 
Tel: 203.785.5912
Fax: 203.785.7303