1. Looking for funding?
  2. Planning to submit a grant?
  3. What happens when I enter the queue?
  4. Need budget help?
  5. Grant Applications:  Internal review and submission process 
  6. Pre- and Post-Doctoral Fellowships 
  7. First Timer?
  8. What happens after my grant is submitted?
  9. Progress Reports 
  10. Contracts, subcontracts, and grant transfers
  11. Useful Links and Yale Compliance

Looking for funding?

Planning to submit a grant?

The Pathology Department Grants Team can help you find research funding sources, develop your research grant, and get it submitted on time with every “t” crossed and every “i” dotted.  Ready to submit a grant? Join the Queue

REMINDER:    We want to devote quality time to each and every grant so please enter the queue as soon as you know you will be submitting a proposal (at least 30 business days prior to the agency deadline) to enable us to prepare an appealing grant package. Note: The grant does not have to be in its final format when you enter the queue.


What happens when I enter the queue?

Steps Description / Responsibility Timeline
PI intends to apply for grant PI information in the Pathology Grants Queue 30 business days (6 weeks) before application due date 

Grant Coordinator Corinne Brewi will e-mail PI with specific follow-up questions and subsequently provide a custom checklist of required items.   

Grant Coordinator will notify Grant Team members Shilpa Shukla  and Paula Grimm.

Within 2 business days of entering the queue. 
Start PD in IRES Entered by Grant Team Members 
Assemble Application Entered by Grant Team Members 

10 - 14 business days prior to application due date

(depending on complexity of submission)

Draft application ready for review Grants Team notifies PI. 7 business days prior to application due date
Final application Route final proposal for sign off
Go to Pathology Grant Queue


Need budget help?
Don’t try this on your own!
Our Team KNOWS how to write a budget that includes indirect costs, correct salary and fringe benefit requirements, annual adjustments, and much more. Contact them AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU WILL WRITE A GRANT. They are in high demand, don’t wait!

NIH Grants and Foundations: Shilpa Shukla - 203-785-5912
Fellowships and Foundations: Paula Grimm - 203-785-3600

Assistance developing budget justifications for research consumables, animal charges and equipment:

Funding Consultant: Sharen McKay- 203-785-2458


  Grant Applications: Internal review and submission process
Grant applications must go through a rigorous internal review process to ensure that all institutional requirements are met prior to submission. 

Corinne Brewi: 203-737-2517  
NIH Grants and Foundations: Shilpa Shukla: 203-785-5912 
Fellowships and Foundations: Paula Grimm: 203-785-3600 
Biosketch/other support: Karen D'Angelo : 203-785-5508


 Pre- and Post-Doctoral Fellowships
Graduate students and post-docs are the engines that keep the data flowing in every lab, but you gotta pay the rent, right!? In addition to the prestige of receiving a fellowship and the useful experience of developing your own idea into a grant, these fellowships will support you as you, in turn, support your PI and the department. So the Grants Team is here to help you face the challenge of writing fellowships. 

Paula Grimm: 203-785-3600 


 First Timer? 

Is this your first time writing a grant? Has it been a while?
Visit the Resources for Grants page for useful links for investigators who are new to the process or who would like to find updated information on submission requirements.


 What happens after my grant is submitted?
The Grant Reviewer and Tracker will monitor status of pending grants via IRES sponsor websites and communication with PI.

Paula Grimm: 203-785-3600


 Progress Final Reports
The Grant Reviewer and Tracker will be in touch with you after you get your grant to assist you with your progress reports. Depending on your funding source you will need to submit regular reports on what you’ve accomplished and outlining changes to your research plan so your award can be renewed.

Paula Grimm: 203-785-3600


 Contracts, subcontracts, and grant transfers
Contracts, subcontracts and grants being transferred from other institutions must be reviewed and approved by officials of Yale University. The Grants Manager is a specialist who can help you shepherd your arrangement through the bureaucratic labyrinth.

Shilpa Shukla: 203-785-5912

 Useful links

Yale Compliance websites

Pathology Grants Team

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