Histology Services

histology stains

Histology Services

Our Histology services include:

  • Special Stains - special stains include but are not limited to:
    • Alcian blue
    • Alziran red
    • Congo red
    • D.Pas
    • EVG
    • Mucicarmin
    • Movat
    • Oil red O.
    • Reticulin
    • Serius red
    Download a list of all the stains we currently provide.
  • Immunohistochemistry
    • Immunohistochemistry services include working up antibodies for research utilizing animal models.
    • We also provide and work up antibodies for human tissue use.
    • We provide antibodies from our standard list which will be provided upon request plus the cost of the IHC staining.
    • Antibodies, provided by the client, can be worked up through our services plus the cost of IHC staining.
  • IHC Workup
  • Frozen sectioning

Developmental Histology 

Medical Director:
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Lori Charette

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