In Pathology, we are uniquely poised to understand the basic molecular, cellular, and physiological mechanisms of disease and translating this knowledge into improved patient care. We achieve this through innovative research programs that bridge multiple disciplines.

Under the fundamental and translational research programs, our faculty and trainees are discovering new scientific principles while transforming the fields of molecular pathology and diagnostics.  Particularly strong areas of expertise are in molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, virology, and vascular biology. This expertise is focused towards unraveling the mechanisms of cancer progression and etiology of inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

These initiatives also draw from several operational programs. In the experimental pathology graduate program, students are trained to bridge basic and translational research. The informatics and tissue services provide cutting edge tools that empower our researchers to make new biological findings, develop therapeutics, and design clinical trials.

By engaging in activities across these programs, our multidisciplinary faculty has established a fertile research environment for students, post-docs, residents, and physicians to tackle the most challenging questions in modern medicine.