The Unit is responsible for the following activities:

  • providing systems to gather, organize and integrate information for use in the management of the department’s programs, and in the conduct of teaching, research and patient care;
  • exploring and developing expertise in the application of new information technologies applicable to the department’s programs;
  • managing the hardware, operating systems and application software necessary to support departmental programs;
  • developing and enhancing the Pathology Clinical Information System and its database structure;
  • providing in-house expertise for the procurement, installation, maintenance, operation and repair of microcomputer hardware and supported software;
  • providing in-house expertise for digital imaging and graphic design services, which facilitates clear and concise information design for use in the department’s research, teaching, and clinical pursuits;
  • establishing and maintaining telecommunications and data communications within the department and between the department and the world;
  • establishing training programs for users of the Pathology Clinical Information System and supported microcomputer systems and software.