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Helpful Tips


  • Do you keep sending emails to the wrong address? Do incorrect addresses keep showing up in your contacts?

For help see: Fixing Email Address Mistakes in Autofill: Contacts and Recent Addresses field

  • Are you getting a lot of annoying Spam or Phishing emails? How can you get rid of them?

For help see: Spam and Phishing Emails: Deleting and Reporting

Remote Working:

  • Forgot a file on your desktop? use CrashPlan to recover those files.

If CrashPlan is set up on both your laptop and desktop, go to the CrashPlan application and log in. Choose Restore files > choose your desktop unit ID, > navigate to the files/folders you want to restore > check the box next to it and choose restore files. Note: This will only work if you are using a device that been set up with CrashPlan using your netID account.

  • Need to share an image on your microscope to someone? Use Zoom Share Screen. This feature can be used for all sorts of collaborative purposes.

Microscope Cameras can be used for conferencing. Using the Share Screen option in Zoom and share the SPOT camera software image. NOTE: You cannot use this feature for the EP conference room multi-head scope camera. That camera is direct-to-screen. Use a Spot camera location instead.

International Travel:

For tips on international travel, see International Travel.