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Excel Files: Remove Macros before sending

YNHH has begun removing email attachments if they contain macros. If you are sending a Word or Excel file to someone with a YNHH email address, remember to remove the macros before sending the file.

How do I know if my file has macros?

In most cases, the file will be a .docm or .xlsm instead of .docx or .xlsx.

How do I remove the macros?

  1. Open the file
  2. Choose “Save As…” from the File menu (Mac) or “Save a Copy” from the File tab (Windows)
  3. For the “File Format” dropdown menu, choose “Word Document (.docx)” or “Excel Document (.xlsx)”
  4. Modify the filename and location as needed and save the document.
  5. A warning message “The following features cannot be saved…”. Click “Yes” to continue saving.

Attach the macro-free version to the email you want to send to a YNHH staff member.

For more email tips, please check out our Tips page.

Please contact Pathology ITS at 203-785-3691 with any further questions about sending attachments to YNHH staff.