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Troubleshooting FAQs

Connection Issues

At Work/On site:

• Safari/Firefox not responding

Try connecting to an outside browser page. Can you get to Can you get to

• No mail response, mail not updating

Try connecting to OWA: open a browser and connect to your 365 account

• Can't log onto server, can't print

- Check cables

- Check TCP/IP settings

- Restart

• Clinical programs: Log-in and password problems, fax server, printing

- CoPath Password change or reset: use Multipass on the intranet

- Call Clinical support team: Brian Daley: 203.737.5339, or Jessica Dugan: 203.785.5187

- Email

Remote Connections Issues:
  • Internet home Issues: Yale's Internet problem guide.
    Check that you have a wifi connection. Can you get to any web pages on your computer? Do not check from your phone, as that may be a cellular connection, not a wifi connection. If you cannot get to a web page (, You may need to restart your modem and then make sure your wifi connection on the computer is turned on. If you are still not getting a wifi signal at home, please check with your Service Provider. Check if there is a service issue in your area (use your cellular data).
  • VPN: Make sure you have signed into AnyConnect for Yale VPN ( instructions on connecting to VPV
  • Duo Multifactor authentication: Make sure you and your staff are set up with Duo
    All off campus access requires Duo. Review your devices or enroll a new device

Device Issues

Keyboard, mouse, dictation microphone, foot pedal not working:

- Unplug, and plug back in again

- Check connection, clean, or swap cables

- Mouse: clean bottom and try a different mouse pad

ITS does not provide mouse pads or special cables.

Mac Specific

• Drag and drop stops:

- Force quit the Finder.

• Recently changed password netID, computer does not recognize password. Filevault passwords not in sync:

- Use old netID password to get in and call ITS.

Printing Issues

Before calling the HelpDesk try these steps first:

- Turn printer off, Restart computer, turn printer back on

- Delete printer and setup again

- Try printing to a different printer

- Check that the paper drawer is closed properly

- Try deleting and re-adding the printer in preferences

- Is paper cleared from rollers?

- Is a jam cleared?

- Is the toner low?

Printer margins are off

- Is the correct printer selected in the print dialog?

- Is the page set up correct?

- If you need custom margins, try adding a custom page size of 8.5 x 11 instead of using “letter”.

Printer Service Request

If your printer needs servicing: send e-mail request to with a description of the problem. Approval by a PI or supervisor must be received along with charging instructions and Unit ID of the printer before a service call can be made.

Label printers

If the bar code is not centered, too light or too dark, or the set-up is wrong, call the HelpDesk.

Printer can't print PDF files

Step 1: In Print dialogue box, go to Acrobat specifics

Step 2: Turn off print method "PostScript"

Step 3: Check "Print as Picture"

Step 4: Print

MS Word: printing envelopes

Go to: Labels and Envelopes > Options > Direction > Change Print Direction.

Printing in B&W in MS applications

Go to: Print > in dialog box, pull down menu (Copies and Pages) > go to Printer Features > Color Mode > Black and White.