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Information and Technology Services (ITS)

Pathology ITS Help Desk Resources

HELP numbers:

Clinical emergency pager: 203-370-1780 answered 24/7 | Call your manager first when possible
Help Desk emergency cell: 203-623-4861 | 8:30am-5pm M-F
YNHH help desk: 203-688 HELP | EPIC, YNHH VPN
Yale Help desk: 203-432-9000 | Email, Office 365, BOX, MyTime, Workday, Yale VPN


• PathITS email : | Call for emergencies, do not email.

• CoPath email : | Call for emergencies, do not email.

Latest News and Updates


YNHH VPN CHANGE: The name has been changed to:
User name: yale\netID
Remember for Yale VPN user name is just netID (remove "yale\")


Yale - COVID-19 Yale University Actions

YSM - COVID-19 Collaboration

For the latest Yale ITS information see the Yale ITS page. Links to many resources and the latest campus-wide ITS information. Note that some of the Yale campus resources are different for pathology users.

Yale guidelines for Remote Work: Clinical Faculty and Staff Working in the Covered Entity. Note: Not all information is relevant to how pathology users access resources.

Sign up for Yale email subscriptions for more specific information listed by interests.

Remote Working

Tips for Remote Working:

  • Forgot a file on your desktop? Use CrashPlan to recover those files.
If CrashPlan is set up on both your laptop and desktop, go to the CrashPlan application and log in. Choose Restore files > choose your desktop unit ID > navigate to the files/folders you want to restore > check the box next to it and choose restore files. Note: This will only work if you are using a device that has been set up with CrashPlan using your netID account.

  • Need to share an image on your microscope to someone? Use Zoom Share Screen. This feature can be used for all sorts of collaborative purposes.
Microscope Cameras can be used for conferencing. Using the Share Screen option in Zoom and share the SPOT camera software image. NOTE: You cannot use this feature for the EP conference room multi-head scope camera. That camera is direct-to-screen. Use a Spot camera location instead.

For more tips, visit our Pathology IT Tips page.

Information and Updates for Remote Working:

Conferencing Instructions:


Skype for Business with YNHH:

Remote Connections Issues:

  • Internet home Issues: Yale's Internet problem guide.
    Check that you have a wifi connection. Can you get to any web pages on your computer? Do not check from your phone, as that may be a cellular connection, not a wifi connection. If you cannot get to a web page (, you may need to restart your modem and then make sure your wifi connection on the computer is turned on. If you are still not getting a wifi signal at home, please check with your Service Provider. Check if there is a service issue in your area (use your cellular data).
  • VPN: Make sure you have signed into AnyConnect for Yale VPN ( Instructions on connecting to VPN
  • Duo Multifactor authentication: All off campus access requires Duo.
    Make sure you and your staff are set up with Duo: Review your devices or enroll a new device.

Software Updates:

  • Macs: make sure you run Managed Software Center to keep your software up-to-date. Department Macs: Use this first. You do not need to be an administrator to install.
  • PCs: run patches.
  • Yale ITS software
  • Prism GraphPad - This can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial of Prism. This version has the full capabilities of Prism, so you can open and work on your saved Prism files.


  • Share and access files via In Pathology you will be directed to Secure Box. You can only share files from Secure Box with other people at Yale. The Box Drive application allows you to see your whole Box folder on your hard drive, but stores files virtually until you call for them. Do not run both Box Sync and Box Drive on the same device.
  • Microsoft OneDrive is now approved for HIPAA. Yale provides 1TB free storage. You can now save Office 365 files directly to OneDrive. It is available through the Pathology Managed Software Center or your 356 account.
  • IronKeys do not work on Mac OS 10.15 Catalina; they will offer replacements TBA.