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Yale Legacy Rapid Tissue Donation Program Research Information

The Yale Legacy Rapid Tissue Donation Program serves as a bridge between patients and biomedical researchers with the aim of providing the highest quality tissue samples using collection methods most appropriate for each individual experimental laboratory. The availability of tissue through the Yale Legacy Rapid Tissue Donation Program from patients is a unique and valuable resource that is available to investigators with highly impactful and feasible scientific projects that further understanding of human disease.

To this end, and in strict accordance with patient directives, tissue samples are obtained with minimal ischemic intervals (typically 1-3 hours). The Legacy Rapid Tissue Donation Program works with researchers to establish customized collection and preservation methods that maximize the utility of tissue for their studies. Tissue quality is evaluated by pathologists, and anatomic or clinical criteria appropriate to the research study are closely followed.

We are able to assist with planning of experimental tissue management and preparation of materials for submission to the Yale IRB for project approval. We can also assist with identifying collaborating clinical colleagues to assist with recruitment and informed consent.

To get started or for more information, contact Dr. Harold Sanchez, Program Director, or Dr. Marcello DiStasio, Program Co-Director.