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Funeral Arrangements

Funeral Arrangements

The Autopsy Service typically does not call the family or funeral home. It is the responsibility of the family to contract with a funeral home or cremation service to have their loved one released into the care of the facility of their choice. The family is not expected to coordinate this process, as the facility they have chosen will handle these arrangements.

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection has information on funeral homes and cremation services. Please contact a funeral home or cremation service regarding financial concerns and potential state or federal benefits. State of Connecticut Public Act 04-255 specifies what is expected of funeral directors in the state of Connecticut.

Yale New Haven Hospital cannot recommend a funeral home or cremation service.

Unclaimed Patients

The family must make arrangements with a licensed funeral director or licensed embalmer within three days of the patient passing. After three days, the Autopsy Service will work with Patient Relations and attempt to locate a next of kin to take responsibility for the burial or cremation. After 30 days, if no next of kin is identified or no one comes forward to assume custody of the patient for final disposition, the Autopsy Service will initiate the process set forth by the state of Connecticut for unclaimed patients.